Jordan Danielsson


Hi there, my name is Jordan Danielsson. I’m a Canadian artist and illustrator based out of Thunder Bay, ON. Ever since the early years, I have been drawing my way through life, and now I sit here, a proud creative with the desire to learn, grow, and collaborate with everyone across the globe. I lead a double-life in the world of creativity, branding by day, artist by night, and merged those two world’s into Lost Art, the creative and apparel company that sits here in front of you. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thunder Bay, ON

Why do I need to hire a graphic designer?

Illustration - Website App Icon

Website & App Development

Illustration does a whole lot more than just look good. If you introduce custom illustration to your app or website, it ensures a better connection with your audience over the use of standard stock photos. People can place themselves in the place of a simplified representation of themselves much easier than seeing photos of random strangers. Plus, art is just way more fun.

Illustration - Clothing Design Icon

Clothing Design

When it comes to custom screenprinting, google images and home photos aren’t the most ideal starting point for your gear. Screenprinters need to work with solid ink colours, unlike a household printer, so you need to have your designs prepared properly. Not to mention you can completely customize your design when you go through our custom graphic design process.

Illustration - Print Brand Icon

Print & Branded Collateral

You might need a few simple elements for your brochure or poster, or perhaps you need a detailed product illustration or spec drawing. Maybe you want a unique design element to compliment that latest article or story. No matter what you need, we can help you get that branded look for all your company’s assets and/or that unique style for all your creative writing.

Illustration - Icon Asset Icon

Icons & Assets

Whether it’s intended for print or for the web, there’s nothing like custom iconography to compliment your brand’s graphic design. We can unify your social media icons, tailor existing assets, or make a whole new set of icons from scratch. You just tell us what you’re hoping for and we’re here to help. No matter how simple or complex, we got you. We love icons!

Illustration - Album Art Icon

Album Art

Ahh, our favourite! If there’s on thing in this world we love more than art and graphic design, it’s music. We’re here to capture the essence of your music and translate it to those digital/print assets to help market you and your crew. Don’t let that next hit go with stale with some default album art, get that custom artwork to make you stand out in this cluttered world.

News Articles Icon

News & Articles

Sometimes words just aren’t enough to capture and engage your audience. Beautiful visuals can stop your readers in their tracks and entice them to read that cluttered news website or advertisement filled magazine. Illustration is a great way to let your readers know a little bit about your writing without any mental effort, and, it doesn’t require any premeditated photography or sourced imagery that may be impossible to find.

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